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  • New Learning Objectives Distribution Chart Available Now

    Threads of History - Distribution of Items by Learning Objective

    The Learning Objectives in the AP U.S. History Course and Exam Description were revised on Fall of 2015. As such, we have updated the distribution chart of Threads exercises to the Thematic Learning Objectives found in Appendix B (page 115) of the Teacher's Companion Resource (also Appendix B, page 153 of the Student Edition). The chart is useful for targeting the specific skills identified in the Learning Objectives, allowing you to use Threads to fill in the gaps in the months leading up to the exam. Click here to learn more.

  • New updates coming soon!

    Based on some recent changes to the Learning Objective standards made by the College Board, we are revising the Learning Objective correlation chart (Appendix B: Distribution of Items by Learning Objective, page 115). The new chart should be ready on or around August 19th.

  • NEW LEQ & DBQ Rubric Guides

    Another set of updated items, the rubric guides from Appendix A of the Teacher Edition of Threads have been updated to reflect the most recent revisions to the AP U.S. History scoring rubrics, as published by the College Board in July 2015. The revisions to the rubrics are substantial and will impact the way your teach and the way your students plan and write their essays. Use Mike's rubric guides to get acquainted with the new rubrics. Also, don't miss Mike's latest blog article addressing these recent changes from the College Board. Click here to view the rubric guides, or find them under the "Updates" section of the primary navigation pane.

  • New Chronological Periods Distribution Chart

    A new distribution chart has been developed to replace the chart found in Appendix B (p. 114) of the Teacher Edition (also, Appendix B - p. 152 - of the Student Edition). The chart was updated to reflect the latest historical time period designations for the AP U.S. History course. The Distribution Charts are a useful tool for identifying targeted content. Use the charts to gather test and quiz items that focus on a specific time period, learning objective, or historical thinking skill. By gathering content from the book and the test bank, you could easily assemble practice or diagnostics tests to use throughout the year. Click here for the chart, or find it in the "Updates" section of the navigation pane.