Blank Worksheets

A collection of blank worksheets for printing or photocopying, to be used in conjunction with the lesson activities.

Core Chart Worksheets

Blank or partially completed versions of the data charts found in each lesson, to be filled out by the student or as an in-class activity.

Essay Questions

Handouts for the essay questions found in the 3rd Edition.

Lesson Plan Sources

A collection of the primary source documents found in the lesson plan activities, arranged for photocopying or on-screen projection.

Rubric Guides

Useful guides to aid in the scoring of LEQ and DBQ essays, aligned to the latest scoring standards put forth by the College Board (Summer 2019).

Test Bank

A collection of 150 multiple-choice questions that can be used in custom exams and quizzes. These questions do not mimic the AP exam style, but rather are intended to act as diagnostic tools for assessing student knowledge of U.S. History. Can be filtered by historical timer period or searched for specific topics.

2nd Edition Resources

The complete collection of resources corresponding to the 2nd Edition of Threads of History.